Introduction to CIoTBD

Centre for Internet of Things and Big Data (CIoTBD) aims to provide a focal point of contact for management, cooperation and coordination among UTAR staffs and external parties that seek R&D collaboration and consultancy. The goal of this centre is to become a national and regional centre of excellence in the research area of technologies especially in Internet of things and big data.


The main objective of Centre of Internet of Things and Big Data (CIoTBD) is to promote and lead research and development, technology transfer and training of R&D manpower in the areas of Big Data Analytics, IoT and Information Systems in Industry 4.0. Secondly, it acts as a platform for the seeding and growth of IoT and Big Data research groups with unique capabilities and contributions to the nation. Thirdly, CIoTBD is to build research capabilities through R&D collaboration with the industry. Lastly, it is also to establish strategic partnerships with the industry national laboratories and academic institutions for the development of talents.

Key Research Area

Internet of Things
Sensing and Monitoring Technologies
Wireless Sensor Networks
Smart Home/Village/City
Precision Agriculture
Algorithmic IoT

Big Data
Big Data Analytics for Business Intelligence
Cloud Computing Platform for Big Data
Bioinformatics and Biomedical Studies
Theoretical Studies on Data Analysis
Data Mining for Big Data
Image and Video Analysis
Machine Learning
Big Data Analytics

Software, Systems, and Humans
Data Analysis for Social Networks
Software Engineering
Human Factor in IoT
Information Systems
Social IT