Introduction to CISST

Centre for Information Systems and Software Technologies (CISST) aims to provide a focal point of contact for management, cooperation and coordination among UTAR staffs and external parties that seek R&D collaboration and consultancy. The goal of this centre is to become a national and regional centre of excellence in the research area of information systems and software technologies.


The main objective of CISST is to promote and lead research and development, technology transfer and training of R&D manpower in specific areas of information systems and software development to enhance competitiveness of local industries in global markets. It will strive to become a catalyst for the seeding and growth of information systems and software technologies research groups with unique capabilities and contributions that can distinguish themselves from similar groups in other universities. It is also the intention for the centre to leverage upon and support the particular strengths of the local ICT infrastructure vis-à-vis other economies globally.

Key Research Area

Internet of Things
  Environmental Monitoring
Smart Home/Village/City 

 Computer Vision 
Human action recognition
 Visual category recognition
 Multimedia content analysis
 Image and video analysis
Image and video search 

 Software Engineering & Knowledge Management
 Software Processes 
 Software Solutions and Applications
 Human, Social and Organizational Factors in Software Engineering
Knowledge Management